West Optical Manufactory Co., Ltd. Hong Kong

West Optical is a well-established optical frames and optical parts manufacturer in Hong Kong with high quality standard products. Our product range: stainless steel frame, hand made acetate frame, metal frame, combination frame, pure-titanium frame, Beta-titanium frame, sunglasses, optical parts and optical accessories.

Contact Information

Room 2913, 29/F., Kwong Kin Trade Centre, No.5 Kin Fat Street Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR Tel: +852 31582576 Fax: +852 31582577

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New Products

New Optical frames and Sunglasses... We are glad to launch our new Optical frames and Sunglasses collection in Vision Expo New Optical Parts collection We are glad to launch our new Optical Parts collection is Vision Expo New Accessories collection We are glad to launch our new accessories collection in Vision Expo

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