WOOW Eyewear

WOOW is celebrating 5 years of WOOW; envisioned by the French FACE A FACE team in 2012, the brand has taken on the world with its positive attitude and talkative style. The true spirit of WOOW! Always, loud colorful and fun, WOOW combines the spark of London beat and British humor with a sense of Paris fashion. As part of the Design Eyewear Group, WOOW brings out big smiles and the WOOW spirit around the world. Call 1 (800) 654-6099 or visit www.wooweyewear.com

Contact Information

585 YORK ST. San Francisco CA 94110 United States Tel: 415 373 1807 Fax: 415 347 3956

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New Products

Brand News! Brand DNA Suns Brand DNA Frames Please visit us at G635 or contact jlb@designeyeweargroup.com

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