Founded 70 years ago, Wagner + Kuehner is one of the biggest suppliers of spectacle frames and sunglasses in Germany and is especially known for it’s unbeatable price/value ratio on the market.

Discover what eyewear fashion is all about with our lines: HEAD, LIEBESKIND Berlin, MORE & MORE, s.Oliver, Emil K. and Deejays.

Distributed in the US by Mosaic Eyewear.

Contact Information

3880 South 149th Street Suite 106 Omaha NE 68144 United States Tel: 402-934-7370 Fax: 402-558-7115

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New Products

Loop by ZEN Barcelona, Spain. LOOP... Using aerospace materials like Duraluminium 7075, taking a modern look a classic style cues and adding ZEN's patented h-Pipe hinge, the LOOP collectio... XTRA Thin ** ALL NEW COLLECTION ** by... Introducing the XTRA Thin collection to the USA. The lightest thinnest of acetates with only a 2.8 mm to 3.0 mm profile. A stainless steel skeleton is... ZEN - OSAKA the most beautiful acetate... OSAKA acetates are made from cotton fiber sheets that are hand polished in Japan using stone and clay. In the traditional way these artisans create ac...

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