Windsor Eyes

Windsor Eyes designs and markets optical frames, sunglasses and accessories for worldwide distribution. We offer a wide range of collections including luxury Italian brands Pier Martino and Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo Srl. Our featured licensed brands are Cadillac Eyewear, Royal Doulton, ASPCA, and the fashion design line of Adolfo. Additional house brands Eyecroxx, Italia Mia, and Toscani for affordable quality and fashion. Rounding out our offerings is our value collection Nutmeg.

Contact Information

7100 Airport Highway Pennsauken NJ 08109 United States Tel: 856-662-6006 Fax: 856-662-9587

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New Products

New luxury Italian brand collections Come see our latest Pier Martino and 19V69 collections

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