Waiting for The Sun

Waiting For The Sun Paris

Brand from Paris manufacturing Eyewear frames and sunglasses, in titanium, acetate and wood

Contact Information

123 rue du Fbg St Antoine Paris Paris 75011 France Tel: 01133 0181691432

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Products and Services Frames Frames- General Men Mid-Range Premium Women Sunglasses Boutique Men Mid-Range Premium Women

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New Products

Waiting For The Sun - acetate Waiting For the sun originally started in the fashion industry in Paris. The brand is showing elegant models within the actual trend. Waiting For The Sun - Titanium Beta-titanium is today one of the most valuable material for metal frames. For this product, WFTS is manufacturing in Korea for the best finition poss... Waiting For The Sun - bois² Waiting For The Sun has created a new generation of wood frames wich can be adjusted like acetate. bois² is a patented material, bio-sourced without a...

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