Wiley X: Perfect for a Wide Variety of Sun, Ophthalmic, Safety and Pediatric patients!

Wiley X is the only Premium Performance sunwear brand whose entire adult sunwear and ophthalmic lines meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. Our Youth Force collection for kids also meets ASTM F803 sports protective eyewear standards. The quality, variety and technology in all of our frames, along with our proprietary DIGIFORCE digital Rx lens design, makes Wiley X perfect for virtually all of your patients. Wiley X: For Work. For Play. For Life.

Contact Information

7800 Patterson Pass Road LIVERMORE CA 94550 United States Tel: 800-776-7842 Fax: 925-455-8860

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New Products

2018 New Products We've launched an outstanding array of sunglasses, ophthalmic frames and a kids frame for 2018. There's new 8-base wrap sun styles with great design...

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