Villa Eyewear

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Villa Eyewear is the exclusive distributor of the highest quality Italian-made eyewear. Our focus is on unique and innovative brands produced using only the finest methods and materials. Our Villa Eyewear team is the go-to for differentiating products that will surely set your store apart!
Brands include Blackfin, Mad in Italy, Italia Independent, and Adidas Originals

Contact Information

22 Continental Place Glen Cove New York 11542 United States Tel: 516-277-2800 Fax: 516-874-3328

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New Products

Blackfin New Sun Collection Blackfin is introducing new Spring/Summer sunglass collection, available at Vision Expo G775 Mad In Italy new releases Check out our new Spring 2018 Mad In Italy releases. Lightweight, colors combinations, innovations and technology are the consistent traits of Mad. Se...

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