Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd.

The annual Wenzhou International Optics Fair (WOF for short) is one of the largest optical exhibitions in Asia that gathers many professionals from China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan) and abroad (Japan, Korea, ) such as: -Manufacturers and distributors of optics supplies; -Associations of optics professionals and services providers; -Local & Foreign Trade optics companies; -Optics institutions, agencies and dealers -Media and press workers Contact us at vicky@donnor.net or check us at opticsfair.com

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B-1403 Economic Development Zone Business Plaza No. 198 Shangjiang Road Wenzhou ZH 325000 China Tel: 0086 57788905186 Fax: 0086-577-88901788

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3-day free hotel enjoy 3 nights free during the exhibition at Shangri-La Hotel, please visit http://www.opticsfair.com Exhibition Picture Booth Photo -Find a local company/organization to produce & sell your products Exhibition Picture Demonstrate your products, meet partners and achieve business contracts

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