The ANY DI SunCover – design-patented

The ANY DI SunCover is the signature piece of the German luxury handbag & accessories brand, due to its unique shape and the luxurious design alinged with the unprecedented feature. It keeps glasses safe and scratch-free, whether it‘s hanging from a bag or your belt-loop – it fits all shapes and sizes of glasses!
The elegant leather accesory is worldwide an eyecatcher and an absolute innovation on the market. High-End opticians like the Eyeboutique in Dubai carry our new type of spectacle case.

Contact Information

Adams-Lehmann St 44 Munich 80797 Germany Tel: 0114/9 436764507555

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New Products

The perfect EYEcessory! Just cover the glasses with the ANY DI SunCover, close it with the snap and flip the temples shut at the back. ANY DI SunCover Aviator Aviator Style! For all shapes and sizes! ANY DI SunCover Round Glasses Fancy Gold... The soft ANY DI SunCover protects glasses from scratches and marks and just takes up little space in bags

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