Altaire Pharmaceuticals introduces our new dry eye products, NanoTears. NanoTears is a new innovation in Nanolipid technology for dry eye relief. Drop that gels in eye. Designed to repair and restore the lipid layer of the tear film. Comfortable upon instillation with minimum blur/haze. Reduce ocular surface discomfort and extend soothing comfort. NanoTears has been shown to increase tear break up time, reduce corneal staining, support aqueous layer function and re-establish normal osmolality.

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311 West Lane P.O. Box 849 Aquebogue NY 11931 United States Tel: 631-722-5988 Fax: 631-722-9683

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New Products

NanoTears HA Preservative Free... NanoTears HA is a preservative free product in a multi dose bottle. Product is good for 30 days after the bottle is opened. Long lasting soothing comf... NanoTears MXP Preservative Free 32 Count NanoTears MXP is a preservative free product for dry eye relief. Product is a unique innovation in dry eye therapy contains nano sized particles to he...

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