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Alternative & Plan “B” Eyewear pride themselves on being your 1-stop-shop for all your eyewear needs. Each of their 11 unique, in-house designed collections are inspired by the world around them. Alternative & Plan “B” Eyewear are also the licensed distributors for Nano Vista, VERSPORT, Dosuno and Red Bull SPECT. Their frames are created to solve problems, drive fashion and advance technologies while still remaining affordable and attainable by all.

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555 Riverwalk Parkway Tonawanda NY 14150 United States Tel: 1-888-399-7742 Fax: 905-619-2662

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New Products

Interface Transformative Eyewear from Alternative & Plan "B" Eyewear - don't buy another clip-on until you see this revolutionary new product. Unlike anything e... DOSUNO Introducing DOSUNO eyewear! Brought to you by the same minds who created Nano Vista, this collection takes the same functionality, 2 in 1 strap system... Red Bull SPECT Plan "B" Eyewear are the exclusive Canadian distributors for Red Bull SPECT eyewear. This cool collection takes its inspiration from an active, sport ...

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