UV3G Hyper Protection 1.74 / 1.67 / 1.60, Protect Your Eyes From Harmful Light, ASAHI-LITE Japan

ASAHI-LITE Optical Co., Ltd. came into being in 1980 in Fukui, Japan and has been a pioneer in the manufacture of highly refractive plastic lenses. ASAHI-LITE has continuously come up with innovation technologies that have helped keep up its status as world leader in thin lenses.

Contact Information

47-26, Shimokoubata-cho Sabae 916-0038 Japan Tel: +81 778 54 8801 Fax: +81 778 54 8881

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New Products

Photochromic 1.74 UV3G Hyper Protection... First Time 1.74 Photochromic Lens with UV3G (UV420) technology, Quicker Fading Speed than other coating type photo lenses, No Panda Affect, Made In Ja... UV3G Hyper Protection DAS Available for Index 1.74 (MR174)& 1.67 (MR10), Both Side Aspheric Lens, UV3G Hyper Protection, HMC+Super Hydrophobic Coat, Japan Made, HEV Control, Bl...

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