HOYA Vision Care manufactures ophthalmic lenses and treatments. Proprietary lens designs, materials and coatings including: iD MyStyle, iD LifeStyle 2, iD Single Vision, Array, Summit ecp/cd iQ, ST28 iQ, SV iQ, Distortion Free Optics, SYNC BKS, Summit ecp/cd and TACT BKS. Lens materials: 1.70, 1.67 1.60 1.53 Phoenix, 1.50. Lens coatings: Super HiVision EX3, Recharge EX3, HiVision, ViewProtect and Sensity photochromics. Hoya Vision Care includes a nationwide network of full-service labs.

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651 East Corporate Drive Lewisville TX 75057-6403 United States Tel: 877-528-1939

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