HOET design , 30 years of experience in eyewear design

The development, production and distribution of private label collections Hoet Eyewear, Hoet Couture, Eyecatchers and the Cabrio Collection constitute the bulk of the activities of design office Hoet. The ambition to constantly enrich their collections with new, original and innovative designs continues to challenge their creativity and provide the necessary oxygen. Hoet continues to accept Freelance design projects from companies, which the studio undertakes from design up to realization.

Contact Information

Klaverstraat 71 Brugge 8000 Belgium Tel: 003250334302 Fax: 003250338383

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New Products

Hoet Eyecatchers WOW This elegant mirror expresses your client's reaction when he first sees how perfectly well the new eyeglass frame fits on his nose. ‘Wow’…the amazemen... CABRIO Eyewear DS9 Streamlined like a car, drawn as if with eyeliner, this collection differentiates itself by the use of new materials and techniques which creates an ... HOET Eyewear Anton Hoet eyeglasses are designed for clients who value quality and exclusivity. These clients want timeless eyeglasses, but without a visible brand name. ...

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