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Icare® is an advanced medical technology company which manufactures tonometers for measuring intraocular pressure. Icare® has over 50,000 users worldwide. Its unique, patented rebound technology enables quick and painless measurement with no need for anaesthetic drops or air. The measurement is so light there is no evidence of corneal contact. It is easy to use and patient friendly. The Icare® tonometer is an objective device making it more accurate and consistent in users of all skill levels.

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4208 Six Forks Rd. Suite 1000 Raleigh NC 27609 United States Tel: 888-422-7313 Fax: 816-241-8347

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New Products

Icare® HOME Tonometer Recently introduced to the U.S. market, the Icare® HOME tonometer is our latest device to receive FDA clearance. Self-tonometry with the Icare® HOME ...

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