Durability, Performance and Function

For 70 years, HEINE products have been designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in Germany and are held to the highest standard of durability, performance and function. On display will be the OMEGA 500 BIO and our full BETA line of hand held instruments; including the BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope and BETA 200 Retinoscope.

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10 Innovation Way Dover NH 03820 United States Tel: 603-742-7103 Fax: 603-742-7217

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New Products

LAMBDA100 Retinometer (Potential Visual... The LAMBDA100 Retinometer is the first compact instrument for assessing potential visual acuity of patients with cataracts and other opacities. LAMBDA... BETA 200 LED Retinoscope Now with LED in HQ For a very bright, readily visible fundus reflex: brilliant, precise streak image with a line width of typically 1.1 mm (ISO 12865...

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