Artistic Eyewear Collection

Faniel Eyewear offers Artistic Eyewear Collections handmade in France with recycled material.Designed by the Quebec artist and opera singer, Anne-Marie Faniel, her signature collection is inspired by famous operas. Her easy wear collection, to the Power 3, is a positive energy collection made to enhance your body, mind and soul. Finally, her newest collection ¡ARTISTA!, a metal collection, is a tribute to famous artists who left an imprint on our world. All Unique & Exclusive!

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507A, Rue St-George St-Jerome Qc j7z8B6 Canada Tel: 1-855-504-4330

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New Products

Océana Collection At only 17 years old, the young designer Clara Faniel signs her first collection Oceana! This new line offers a fresh and new outlook on life! Inspi... ¡Artista! Collection Inspired by the great artists who have left their mark our world, this metal collection is made with 100% stainless steel. You will be wowed by more ... Faniel, To The Power 3! An introduction in Faniel’s Universe, with its positive affirmations, its contemporary lines, its acetates ranging from wise to explosive, this easy g...

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