The All-In-One Modified Lens Surfacing System – FastGrind

With just a small space, you can produce digital quality progressive lenses in-office with FastGrind, the lens surfacing leader for independent practices! The affordable, easy to use FastGrind system uses time-proven technology in use for over 25 years. FastGrind is installed in over 50 countries & approved by the US Military. Eliminate the high priced labs, increase profits and offer exceptional service. FastGrind qualifies as an “in-house” EyeMed lab and has been voted best Surfacing solution.

Contact Information

3533 Cardiff Avenue Cincinnati OH 45209 United States Tel: 513-321-2456 Fax: 513-321-1047

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New Products

1.56 VisionAir Material 1.56 VisionAir material, exclusive to FastGrind lenses, provides eye care professionals the ability to offer their patients amazing clarity with thinn... BlueShield Blue Light Lenses By utilizing BlueShield with FastGrind, eye care professionals are able to serve their patients’ DES needs without the need to stock hundreds of lense... Conversion Photochromic Conversion photochromic technology quickly changes from light to dark and back, while blocking harmful UV rays. Conversion offers a fast and seamless ...

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