Smartphone Refraction Tools

Pairing cutting-edge technology with smartphones, EyeNetra provides vision testing tools for Eye Care Professionals to deliver top-notch service to anyone, anywhere through mobile refractive clinics, screening events, or workplace testing.

The NETRA auto refractor, lensometer and phoropter offer a full refraction system with high accuracy and user ease. A natural extension to our products, the Insight Portal revolutionizes software offerings by providing a complete solution to manage patients.

Contact Information

47 Third Street, Suite 300 Cambridge MA 02141 United States Tel: 617-684-5680

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New Products

NETRA Auto Refractor For mobile eye diagnostics or vision screenings, the handheld NETRA auto-refractor measures sphere, cylinder, axis and pupillary distance through a se... Smartphone Lensometer The handheld smartphone-based Netrometer captures the refraction of single vision, progressive and bifocal lenses in seconds. With the precision of 0.... Ultra-Portable Phoropter The Netropter integrates a full-range of sphere, cylinder and axis values to validate and refine refractive measurements for distance and reading. It ...

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