Floats Eyewear

Floats Eyewear: 32 years bringing our customers the latest trends in fashion & Polarized Sunglasses. We have what the customers are looking for the latest trends and good price points. Protective high profits for you, Internet controlled. Ego Eyewear; Latest trends in fashion Optical Quality Sunglasses. Floats Polarized 60 styles to choose from big profits the customers love the new styles and comfortable fit. Great choice come by and see for yourself. 32 years experience..

Contact Information

1815 Northwest 20th Street
Miami FL 33142
United States
Tel: 305-326-9800
Fax: 305-326-9802

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Products and Services
Accessories - Optical
Eyewear Retainers
Reading Glasses
Reading Glasses - General
Sport Glasses/Protective Goggles
Sport Glasses
Sunglasses- General

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New Products

Ego Eyewear New Collection
Ego Eyewear Nice New collection must see the latest trends. Optical Quality. 70 styles to choose from.

Floats Floating Polarized Sunglasses
New Styles of Floating Polarized Sunglasses new 2018 collection

Floats Polarized Sunglasses
New Collection for 2018

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