Phantom Research Laboratories

Manufacturers of the popular OPTI-SAFE BLOCKING PADS, PHANTOM HYDRO PADS and OPTI-SAFE ANTI-SLIP PADS: Get free samples of the pads that the labs are using to reduce slippage, twisting and off-axis lenses. OptiSafe Blocking Pads, Hydro Pads and Anti-Slip Pads provide non-slip, excellent adhesion properties the new super-hydrophobic and oleophobic lens coatings. Pads have easy-release tabs, and conform to all block sizes. OPTI-SAFE INK REMOVER: Acetone free for fast removal of progressive markings with no residues. Non-oily formula. OPTI-SAFE LENS DYE PACKETS: Fast absorption into tintable coatings on poly, plastic, and hi-index materials. Full range of colors, true No Red Black and Brown colors, original G15, vibrant Blue, flashy red, electric green, hot pink, fashion tints, computer tints, custom made colors available. OPTI-SAFE/PHANTOM UV FORMULA’S provide fast, non-yellowing, clean UV treatments for 200+ lenses per water dissolvable packet. CONSUMABLES: Wide variety of environmentally safe neutralizers, heat transfer fluid, coolants, and defoamers. See our nosepads, screws, and other consumable items. EQUIPMENT: VORTEX 4 and Digital Super Tinter for fast poly and hi index tinting. High quality heating systems, sized 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, up to 18 tanks! Patented NO-LINE, smooth tinting gradient machine, digital UV meters with visible light measuring capability, and much more equipment on display! Ask about our VEE ‘18 show specials!

Contact Information

1957 Friendship Drive, Unit D El Cajon CA 92020 United States Tel: 619-449-7754 Fax: 619-449-7711

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