PERVERSE Sunglasses

PERVERSE – deliberately deviating from what is regarded as normal. Bucking the standard.

Born in Los Angeles & launched at Coachella 2016, PERVERSE sunglasses has shaken up the status quo by offering suspiciously addicting sunglasses without an outrageous price point. We’ve been spotted on Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes & more. Our philosophy: sunglasses must be synonymous with style and sexy on any gender without the shocking price point. Why choose one when you can have them all? Pick your pairs & fashion yourself in crazy-sexy-cool sunglasses without breaking the bank.

Contact Information

1108 S. Los Angeles Street Suite20 Los Angeles CA 90015 United States Tel: 12137410655

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New Products

Zahara-01 UV400 Acetate Round Sunglasses Unicorn-01 UV400 Polycarbonate Iridescent Clear Lenses Ace-01-Haute UV400 PC Square Sunglasses

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