Parasite Eyewear

PARASITE is a high end collection, entirely made in France, presenting very creative products for their design, as well as for their technology. The Parasite style is bold and futuristic, presenting prescription frames and sunglasses. Welcome to the world of tomorrow. NOEGO is a contemporary designer collection, playing with colors and the structure of different materials to create products offering a very strong identity. An original work of art.

Contact Information

20801 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 403 Miami FL 33180 United States Tel: 877 527 3008 Fax: 855 513 1037

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Products and Services Frames Frames- General Reading Glasses New Launch Premium Reading Glasses - General Sport Glasses/Protective Goggles Sport Glasses Sunglasses New Launch Premium Sunglasses- General

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New Products

CYBER CAP 3 C26L Cyber Cap 3 in Crystal Pink ANTI-RETRO 3 C51M Anti-Retro 3 in Anti-Matter Violet ANTI-RETRO 4 C80MV Anti-Retro 4 in Anti-Matter Pink

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