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Thema has expanded to US soil due to the major shift in how young Americans perceive quality eyewear and an increasing need to reduce the production time for custom frames. iGreen Custom frames are replacing those brands that have become household names offering the consumer the opportunity to design frames that reflect their own unique taste with fashion always in mind.

Contact Information

1900 NW 133 Avenue Unit 1 Miami FL 33182 United States Tel: 786-803-8881 Fax: 786-272-0488

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New Products

PHILOSOPHEYES Think About Your Glasses 3D Acetate O-Six 3-D is a revolutionary product as a result of rapid innovation and creative minds. The special 3D cutting technique, patented by Thema, permits ... O-Six Spatialism Creating by subtracting is the standard in acetate optical frame production. It all starts from one solid piece to reveal little by little the true sh...

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