Teka Eyewear SoHo N.Y..

Unique Materials, Affordable Luxury

Tekā Eyewear, SoHo, New York is the latest line of fashionable and affordable eyewear. Uniquely crafted
from top range quality materials including buffalo horn, exotic wood, titanium and leather, Tekā
Eyewear marks the territory of fashion forward and superior handcrafted eyewear. Tekā Eyewear
produces trendsetting and urbane designs, with a hint of renowned elegance that captivates a large
clientele base.

Contact Information

451 Broadway NEW YORK NEW YORK 10001 United States Tel: 877-835-2393

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New Products

Tekā Eyewear's Men's Collection Tekā Eyewear's Men's collection exudes the modern movement of sleek and dapper, as well as contemporary sophistication. Tekā Men includes a variety of... Tekā Eyewear's Women's Collection Tekā Eyewear's Women's collection incorporates sleek sophistication into the temple and frame shape design. Tekā prides itself in diversity, using mat...

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