Spectacle Eyeworks

Eccentric Beautiful Eyewear

Spectacle Eyeworks will be featuring an array of show-stopping styles; eccentric, experimental shapes to fashion-forward classics with a twist. We will launch our must-see new styles in German made stainless steel collection as well as new styles in “RETRO”, “Pussy Galore” collections; further we will exhibit exclusive Luxury “Wood & Horn” collection, featuring stunning artistic flair. Also exhibiting beautiful “Davette’s Lunettes” collection from California.

Contact Information

1351 Grant Street Vancouver BC V5L 2X7 Canada Tel: 1.888.722.3322 Fax: 1.604.806.6349

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New Products

Nori This RETRO plastic Frame comes in array of astonishingly Beautiful Colors! Pussy Galore Style "Maria" come 6 beautiful and Vibrant colors Davette’s Lunettes Beautiful and Vibrant

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