Solo Bambini®

Solo Bambini “Infant & Children’s Eyewear”

Solo Bambini “Infant & Children’s Eyewear.” 28 years in the infant and children’s eyewear business. Manufacturing and distributing the Solo Bambini “Infant & Children’s” line made in the USA. Importing and distributing Comoframe made in Italy.

Contact Information

P.O. BOX 349 Burlingame CA 94011 United States Tel: 650-340-1773 Fax: 650-340-1774

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Products and Services Frames Kids Teen

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New Products

Traditional Series Alexandre, Sophia and Lorenzo Scout Series Scout 45/18, Eagle Scout 50/20 and Scout Master 55/22 Rookie Series Sizes: 38/14, 42/15 and 44/16

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