Orgreen Goldsmith LLC

Exclusive Danish eyewear design – Handcrafted in Japan

ØRGREEN OPTICS. High-end Danish design. Timeless simplicity and playful innovation. Edgy and iconic with clean lines and unique colours. Handcrafted in Japan.

Contact Information

2607 7th Street Suite E 2607 7th Street Suite E Berkeley California 94710 United States Tel: 5109840082 Fax: 5109840082

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New Products

Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses - DECADES OG DECADES is a sun collection that celebrates the epic journey of eyewear design and innovation that has taken place over the past 90 years. Olive... QUANTUM by Orgreen Optics Ørgreen Optics introduces a milestone innovation in the eyewear industry. A radical new functionality and their new choice of material - The QUANTUM C...

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