OptiCalc Basic Calc-only Lab Software

OptiCalc Basic Calc-only Lab Software

Optivision OptiCalc Basic Rx Lab Software will help your lab save time, labor & costs to generate more income!

• Fast and easy one-page Order Entry
• Precise Rx surfacing calculations
• Freeform compatible
• The most user-friendly, affordable Rx Calc Lab Software…anywhere!

Includes Shop Ticket, custom built Machinery Interface workstation PC, multi-port serial connections, laser barcode scanner, on-site installation, in-lab, hands-on training & more!

Contact bruce@optivision.com or 800.795.9927 x2!

Contact Information

2924 North 24th Avenue Phoenix AZ 85015-5901 United States Tel: 602-277-2614 x2 Fax: 800-795-9927

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