You Dream It, We Create It

Opti-Pak is a global provider for a high quality selection of Eyewear accessories for all business sizes. Our wide selection of products range from stylish optical fashion cases, microfiber cleaning cloths, lens cleaning solution to a full variety of beautiful gift bags. You can personalize your brand by adding your name or logo on almost anything. We are passionate in providing a great experience and ideas to create innovative products to make clients remember your name.

Contact Information

37 Empire Street Newark NJ 07114 United States Tel: 718-438-1159 Fax: 718- 438-1169

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Products and Services Accessories Accessories - Optical Cases Eyeglass Cleaners & Cloths Promotional Items Promotional Items Reading Glasses Boutique Mid-Range Reading Glasses - General Value-Priced Sunglasses New Launch

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New Products

Clamshells - Pez Design Clamshells with fun designs Pouches - Paisley design New trendy designs for pouches Cleaning Kits Square Ziplock Cleaner + Cloth in assorted colors, can be personalized with your information

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