Single Vision Lens Manufacturer

Jiangsu Youli Optics specialied in manufacturing of Finished and Semi-finished Single Vision 1.49, 1.56, 1.56 photochrmoic, 1.6 MR-8, 1.6 Acrylic, 1.67 and Polycarbonate Lens in spherical and aspherical design. Our daily output can reach 120, 000 pairs. Our factory covers an area of 77000 square meters, owns more than 1200 employees and 26 sets of AR Machines from Korea, One set of RX Machine from America GERBER and 15 automatic cleaning lines. We have ISO9001, CE and FDA Certification.

Contact Information

NO.18 South to Reservoir, Yiwei Road, Economic Development Zone Danyang Jiangsu JIANGSU 212300 China Tel: 008615952917333 Fax: 0086051186220989

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