IOT is an optical technology company whose mission it is to offer the technology and services laboratories need to manufacture lenses that are among the best in the world. Our innovations in digital design and lens technology help eye care businesses differentiate themselves with premium lens technology.
IOT’s latest offerings include the new Camber Steady digital progressive and Neochromes Dynamic photochromic lenses.

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326 Maple Ave Torrance CA 90503 United States Tel: 612-325-2284

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New Products

InMotion Having good peripheral and intermediate vision is critical while driving. inMotion is a new progressive lens that increases the driver’s visual comfor... NEOCHROMES DYNAMIC Slow photochromic fade-back speeds belong in the past. New Neochromes Dynamic™ photochromic lenses shift from dark to fully clear more than twice as f... CAMBER STEADY Camber™ Steady is a premium progressive lens with a unique architecture. The Camber lens blank provides the ideal base curve, offering an unbeatable v...

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