Premium Polycarbonate Lenses

A high quality polycarbonate lens manufacturer. Provide full range of Poly ophthalmic lens and Sunlens products; FSV, SVSF, FT 28, PAL lenses and photochromic sunlens. Introducing: 1. UV 420 poly lens 2. “Blita” Blue block AR lens 3. “PolarArt” Poly polarized lens . OEM and Private labels are welcome.

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No. 87 32nd Road, Industrial Zone Taichung 407 Taiwan Tel: +88 6-435063666 Fax: +88 6-435060666

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New Products

Polycarbonate UV 420 Lens A new developing technology which blocks 100% of UV light and nearly 80% of 420 nm blue light while remaining in clear color for everyday wearing. The...

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