Professional manufacturer of CR39 tinted Sunlens and CR39 polarized lens in China(Mainland)

DAYAO Optical applies itself primarily to the research and manufacturing of CR39 tinted sunlenses, CR39 Polarized and 1.61 MR-8 Polarized lens.
We have developed new items of different diameter from 70mm, 75mm, to 80mm, and new fashion coating like REVO, MIRROR, MATT mirror. DAYAO has been certified by international quality certificates like CE, FDA, etc, which make its products more reliable. We have cooperated with many famous companies or brands owners in Europe, America,etc.

Contact Information

No 3, Zhangsi Industrial Zone Quanzhou, Situ Town Danyang City JN 212300 China Tel: 0086-511-86961087 Fax: 0086-511-86961097

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