ZEN Barcelona, Spain.

Technology, Innovation and Beauty … all in harmony. ZEN, Barcelona, Spain.

The Zen eyewear company was founded in 2005. The brand name takes its inspiration from the art of self-reflection combined with the belief that your glasses are a part of you.

ZEN eyewear collections –

Barcelona 72 styles x 4 colorways
Gaudi 4 styles x 10 colorways
loop 15 styles x 4 colorways
OSAKA 14 styles x 5 colorways
Tecnomol 6 styles x 4 colorways
XTRA THIN 12 styles x 6 colorways NEW COLLECTION

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New Products

XTRA Thin by ZEN Barcelona, Spain Distributed in the USA by MOSAIC Eyewear, ZEN is excited to introduce ZEN Xtra-Thin eyewear to the US market. The collection pursues a clear objec...

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