Tsair Yuarn Industrial Co., Ltd

Technology of Innovation, Optimization and Individual RX Freeform Lens and Eyewear Design.

Tsair Yuarn has decades of experience in sporty glasses manufacturer, with a good reputation and certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Master in produce High Wrap RX Freeform Lens and unique design Eyewear, which provide not only safe but also comfortable experience to wearers.
RX Lens material : Trivex, PC, MR Series 1.6 1.67
RX Lens Function: Tinted, PZ, PH, PZ+PH
Plano Lens Series: PC Military lens, Long-lasting Anti-fog lens

Contact Information

No 36 Shalun, Anding Dist Tainan City 74555 Taiwan Tel: 011886 65933516

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New Products

STDH032 Sporty Eyewear I-PRESS Lens Exchanging System - the most efficient button design of lens replacement. Athlete can change different kind of lens by ne... STDH032 DSM RX DSM RX system, the very first high curve prescription shield sporty glasses in the world, utilize a pair of freeform optical lens to make the prescrip... STDH017 Inset RX Inset RX system, with precise lens edging technology, assemble the optical Freeform inner lens and outer sun lens to provide a comfortable and clear v...

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