OASIS Medical Inc.

From the company that brought your practice Oasis TEARS – OASIS Medical – (844) 820-8940

Our Philosophy
OASIS is a continuous improvement company deeply committed to truth in its business approach, relationships, and products based on our foundation of accountability as vision care company.

New product:
Oasis REST & RELIEF Eye mask

Punctal Plugs:
Form Fit Hydrogel
Soft Plug: Silicone, Flow Control, Collagen, Extended Duration (3 months)

Lubricating Eye Drops:
Oasis TEARS preservative-free
Oasis TEARS PLUS preservative-free
Oasis TEARS Multidose bottle
Oasis LID & LASH Hydrating Cleanser

Contact Information

514 South Vermont Avenue Glendora CA 91741-6205 United States Tel: 909-305-5400 Fax: 909-305-9987

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