National Optronics’ new tabletop edger creates category of its own

The QM-X3 bridges the gap between industrial 5-axis edgers and 3-axis tabletops. 20-30% faster than other tabletop edgers and with an abundance of features, it is a perfect fit for both in-store and central labs, with an ideal price point. Much more robust than typical tabletops and capable of easily processing complex shapes, the QM-X3 is a breakthrough in all aspects of edging: quality, flexibility, speed, and reliability.

Stop by our booth (LP4421) to see it yourself!

Contact Information

100 Avon Street Charlottesville VA 22902 United States Tel: 800-866-5640

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New Products

National Optronics QM-X3 Edger The QM-X3 is unlike other tabletop edgers, with engineering and cutting-edge technology used in industrial edgers, but at a price normally associated ...

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