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We are a company based on promoting new innovative technological advances in optometry and ophthalmology. We have partnered with Welch Allyn, Tomey, Reichert, Volk, Marco, Topcon, Canon, Kowa, Potec, Argo, Hans Heiss, Ocular to help you find what best suits your needs.

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5555 NW 74th Avenue Miami FL 33166 United States Tel: 305-882-0120 Fax: 305-882-0140

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Elite LCD Vision Chart Software Elite LCD Vision Chart Software Monitor not included. Vision Chart Software Smart Chart System With Full HD LCD... Smart Chart system with Full HD LCD 23(Regular), 24 Inch (Polaroid) High resolution chart Adjustable test distance Support both interface (Wired), ... Laboratory / Optical Tools Laboratory / Optical Tools! Whatever you need - We have it!

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