Flexible, Intelligent EHR

Ranked #2 best EHR for ophthalmology by Black Book independent comparison of over 20 eyecare EHRs. Easily customize exam templates to fit workflows. MIPS calculators, AOA MORE integration, one to two-page exam forms. Exam findings automatically trigger codes, plans, documents, alerts. Robust query tool. Two-way eRx sends and imports prescribed medications. Cloud or local server. Unmatched customer support typically <30 seconds, 98% satisfaction. Robust imaging module works with any EHR.

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6723 NE Bennett Street, Suite 200 Hillsboro Oregon 97124 United States Tel: 5037078600 Fax: 5037078600

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Fast Pay Health Revenue cycle management (RCM) services work with ANY practice management system. Certified coders, billing specialists handle everything from eligibi... EyeClinic Imaging Improve your workflow with an ophthalmic cloud-based imaging solution that integrates with any EHR. Centrally store and manage images and reports from...

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