Vitamins for Healthy Eyes

Lipotriad LLC is a manufacturer and marketer of vitamin supplements for the eyes. The company’s premier products: Lipotriad Original, Lipotriad Vision Suppor, Lipotriad Vision Support Plus, Lipotriad Dry Eye, and Lipotriad Visionary AREDS 2, contain essential vitamins and minerals that help support optimal eye health and reduce the risk of degenerative eye diseases. All Lipotriad Vitamin supplements are free from dyes and artificial coloring. For more information, visit our website.

Contact Information

Lipotriad LLC Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418 United States Tel: 203-658-5992

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New Products

Lipotriad Visionary AREDS2 Based Eye... Lipotriad Visionary is a Doctor Recommended Low Zinc AREDS 2 based formulation. Visionary is One-Per Day, Dye-Free and contains all 6 key ingredients ... Lipotriad Adult 50+ Lipotriad Adult 50+ is a special eye vitamin formulation that provides adults with the necessary nutrients needed to protect their eyesight as they ag...

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