Refraction Automation with A.I. and High-Definition Eyeglasses for 20/10 Optics

Krypton Vision (Fremont, CA) serves interests of its customers for 1) refraction automation, 2) upselling HD eyeglasses with digital free-form technology, 3) answering why your patients cannot see 20/20.
Krypton Vision has developed proprietary technologies that enable: 1) a new 20/10 industry standard for High-Definition eyeglasses, 2) industry’s first refraction automation system with artificial intelligence, 3) vision diagnosis based on acuity, aberrations, and optical quality.

Contact Information

4110 Clipper Court Fremont California 94538 United States Tel: 5103962898 Fax: 5107708870

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New Products

IwaveVue HD Eyeglasses Proprietary custom high-definition prescriptions that precisely correct each eye's aberrations to baseline of 20/10 optics. IwaveVue takes advantages ... IwavePhoropter World's first integrated Wavefront platform with a Hartmann-Shack aberrometer, an ultra high-resolution digital Phoropter, and artificial intelligence...

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