Designing glasses as jewelery…

John Dalia is born from a dream of beauty and refinement.
Discover through the brand what the world of High Jewelry has to offer to Eyewear.
The special combination of yellow, black or rose gold (22 carats) with delicate frames to create stunning elegance… Always handcrafted in France in limited quantities by some of the most renowned eyewear manufacturers.
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Contact Information

35 boulevard d'Auteuil BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT 92100 France Tel: 01133 610330020

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New Products

SOPHIE Our new delicate square frame for women. Claudia New Oversized Feminine Model. Including a new version of our signature temple. Elvis P. A round double bridge frame. Combined Gold Platted Metals (22 carats, 5 microns treatment) and acetate. Available in 6 colors.

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