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Pure and linear: For those who strive toward the style principle of reduction, Götti glasses embody authenticity in everyday life. The collections cultivate simplicity in its most beautiful form; providing latitude for expression of a person’s individual character. High quality Titanium and Acetate frames, the new innovative rimless collection Götti Perspective and a high precision 3D printed collection Götti Dimension. Götti Switzerland is a manufactory for unique glasses since 1993.

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145 Palisade Street, Suite 300 Dobbs Ferry New York NY 10522 United States Tel: (914) 274-8522 Fax: (914) 274-8523

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New Products

Götti Perspective - Polygonal Rimless The Götti Perspective Collection is the answer to minimalism. The eyeglass system consists of only a few individual components. They are put together ...

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