Lens Factory

East Optical is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters in China since 1982. We imported advanced producing and detection equipments from America, Germany, and Japan. We can provide you following lenses with different coatings:
(1) Polycarbonate Lens
(2) Polycarbonate one-piece reading glasses
(3) Polycarbonate PhotoChromic Lens
(4) CR-39 Lens
(5) 1.56 Lens,
(6) 1.60 and 1.67 Lens,
(7) Reading Lens % Demo Lens
(8) Blue Cut Lens
(9) Polarized Lens,
(10) Sun Lens (AC, PC, CR-39, TAC, NYLON)

Contact Information

NO.611 HONGYE ROAD XIUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK JIAXING ZHEJIANG 314031 China Tel: 86-573-82755222 Fax: 86-573-82755333

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New Products

1.56 SUPER FLEX PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES * More stable color changing performance * Much darker color perfomance outdoors * Faster color changing performance indoors * Better coating adhes... 1.56 SUPER FLEX POLARIZED SPHERICAL... With FULL UV protection and with polarization, it reduces glare from reflective surfaces, therefore giving great vision for outdoor activities and str... BLUE CUT READING GLASSES East Optical new design could protect your eyes from both UV and noxious BLUE LIGHT.

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