Conant Lens “A World of Vision”

Conant Lens manufactures hard resin lenses, provides high performance coatings, operates a Full Service Surfacing/Edging Lab and specializes in O.E.M. and new product innovation.
The Company’s products include Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressive Lenses. Materials include 1.49,1.56,1.60,1.67,1.74, Hi-Vex®, Photochromic and Polarized.

Provider of complete end to end solutions which support the Retail and Wholesale Optical sectors worldwide.

Contact Information

2255 Sewell Mill Road, Suite 140 Marietta GA 30062 United States Tel: 904-599-2090 Fax: 866-579-5779

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New Products

New Spin Photochromic Available in all indexes, Visit LP 4361 for Demonstration and Samples D-Free™ D-Free™ SmartParabolic - A new generation of individual progressive lenses

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