Cerium Optical Products has been custom in-house manufacturing consumables and equipment for the optical industry for over 40 years. Innovation and consistent superior quality have been our driving force allowing us to thrive year after year in this ever-changing market. Come see our full line of digital and conventional processing products.

Contact Information

2152a Chenault Drive Carrollton TX 75006 United States Tel: 972-239-7002 Fax: 972-239-7334

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New Products

Ceri-Guard M2 Lens Protection Tape Ceri-Guard M2 lens surface protection tape is the latest addition to the market leading Ceri-Guard range of tapes and is specially designed to give al... HyGrip Pro Anti-Slip Pads The HyGrip Pro Anti-Slip pad is the latest development from Cerium in lens edging technology. It has been engineered to be used on all coated lenses p...

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