Think Outside the Bulb with Acuity Pro!

Acuity Pro(TM) is a digital acuity system developed by ODs. With over 19 years of crowd-sourced enhancements and installations around the world, Acuity Pro is an industry leader. Charts include ANSI/ISO compliant ETDRS, Snellen, Sloan, Number, tumbling E and C, and HOTV. Features include Smart Randomization(TM), contrast sensitivity, 4 Dot, fixation disparity, video, pathology photo gallery and much more. AP remote is included. Acuity Pro is compatible with Marco’s TRS 5100, 3100 and 2100.

Contact Information

120 North Main Street P.O. Box 1045 Elk City OK 73644 United States Tel: 580-243-1301 Fax: 580-243-1377

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